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Superica reckons a dive to be found in the great state of Texas. Inspired by the southwestern cuisine that East Texas-natives chef-owner Ford Fry and chef Kevin Maxey grew up on, the Tex-Mex haven invites in guests with a warm welcome and the sounds of Willie and Waylon drifting through the air.

“Kevin and I wanted to do food we like to eat,” Fry said. “It’s natural for a chef to want to be true to a certain culture, and likewise, we wanted to do authentic Tex-Mex, because it developed where we’re from.”

The menu highlights Tex-Mex classics including enchiladas, crispy tacos, tamales and nachos, as well as more intricate dishes where the wood grill comes into play with sizzling fajitas and shrimp tacos, all paying homage to the traditions and recipes that have been a part of the Texas culture for decades.

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