Cafe Intermezzo

100 Avalon Boulevard


Cost $$

Monday – Thursday
11AM to 10PM

Friday – Saturday
11AM to 12AM

10AM to 10PM


For resident and office tenants, please contact
Concierge at:



Café Intermezzo embodies the essence of the 300 year-old European coffeehouse. Step into Café Intermezzo, and you are stepping into another time, another place, a vacation.

Enjoy a wonderful cappuccino and a beautiful pastry one visit, and lunch, dinner, or a late-night appetizer with a glass of wine or a cocktail on the next. The Beverage Book offers over 800 choices. “Tour Guides” take you through descriptions of over seventy pastries. The choices are dramatic, and you can partake in choosing every day of the year. It is truly a tradition, complete only with the presence of you!

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